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The availability of equity data is growing at a faster pace than anyone could have anticipated. With the ever-expanding digital world, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to generate substantial growth for your equity portfolio using traditional research methods. Much of the critical data that tells the financial story about company is unstructured and almost impossible to extract using current analysis technologies. Obtaining in-depth analysis and insights is still a manuel human task.

Even the savviest hedge fund managers are becoming more reliant on technology to stay ahead of the changing financial tide.  Vistalytics EDGE was developed to help hedge fund managers stay ahead of the game using natural language search that’s based on an AI technology and provides in-depth equity analysis across more companies much faster than ever before.

An estimate gone wrong is simply a bad guess and one that could be losing you and your client money.

The Vistalytics EDGE Equity Analysis Engine was created by hedge fund managers for hedge fund managers.

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Helping to Build a Scenario-Based Equity Portfolio – Get the Facts at Your Fingertips

Developing investment scenarios and assessing the potential for growth versus risk takes time and expertise. Vistalytics EDGE technology collects data from huge numbers of resources and makes it available to fund managers in real-time. This promotes faster and more accurate creation of investment scenarios, allowing users to take advantage of insights that wouldn’t be available otherwise.

As a hedge fund manager, your goal is to make your client money. Better investment portfolios mean happier clients, which leads to a better rate of professional retention. You’ll have Google-like search at your fingertips—utilizing state-of-the-art natural language search technology to locate data and analyze it with the click of a mouse.

This revolutionary new technology can make that happen. Research, access, and gather data in ways that have never been available to you before. Spending more time focused on your clients is the goal of every forward-facing professional. Being able to do this while still producing superior investment portfolios will give you an unmistakable edge. It’s Equity Research on Steroids!

How Can Vistalytics EDGE Help Your Equity Research, Analysis and Portfolio Management Services?

We provide you with the tools to:

  • Accelerate Growth
  • Identify and Manage Risk
  • Increase Profitability across the Board
  • Spend More Time with Clients
  • Focus on Professional and Personal Growth

The professionals at Vistalytics developed a better way to handle equity information to maximize profits and to minimize risks. Whether you need to quickly identify scenarios, gather financial data, utilize stock screeners, or perform backtesting – they can help.

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